Everglades Tomatoes...

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Everglades Tomatoes...

Post by TN Hawkeye » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:11 pm

Has anyone ever sampled these little beauties? My uncle sent up some seeds from South Florida a few years ago and my parents started growing them in there garden. They gave me some plants to try out and I’ve been blown away. They grow in these pretty little groups of 8 (4 on each side of the vine). They don’t get much bigger than a marble but they have the flavor of a big fat slicer. Very little acidic juice inside either. They are mostly meat. And prolific as hell. Two summers ago I picked a salad bowl full every other day from 3 plants. When fall came and the weather turned there were still hundreds of green tomatoes on the vine. But they will take over a garden. It’s best to pot them or put them in their own area. They love heat. I would bet you guys in Texas could grow them like crazy. If they will grow in East Tennessee they will definitely grow in hotter areas with longer growing seasons. Here’s a couple articles about them.

http://floridafoodandfarm.com/featured/ ... -on-taste/
https://myfolia.com/plants/1543-wild-to ... omato-wfet
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Re: Everglades Tomatoes...

Post by jimbeckel » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:38 pm

I might have to try growing some of these in a container

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