Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

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Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

Post by kds »

I just learned on Reddit about Victory Gardens during WWII. Hopefully the Current Situation doesn't persist into summer or fall, but is anyone planning on growing a Victory Garden?

I normally plant a few tomato plants, but I didn't last year. I was planning on it this year. My small raised garden box only accommodates three tomato plants. I had been thinking about expanding the box by 2-3x its current size, maybe more, now that I have one less tree providing shade in my back yard.

I'm guessing local greenhouses are having an unexpected surge in foot traffic like Home Depot and Lowe's are. I don't know if I can plant from seed, or if I need to get some grow lights and pot them and keep them somewhere in the basement. I don't know if I have the space or equipment for all of that. Some news articles are suggesting some online vendors are running low on seeds right now. ... rdens.html ... isolation/


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Re: Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

Post by gm560 »

I was already planning to have a garden well before this situation ever started, but I will certainly now refer to it as my "Victory Garden"!

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Re: Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

Post by jabopy »

I've started clearing a couple of bits of my plot. Was going to get some more seeds today!! Last night the PM stopped all unnecessary travel, apart from essential food shopping we can't go out. So I'll just sow the seeds I have. :(

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Re: Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

Post by bp2878 »

I also read a story on victory gardens as well and was inspired. Broke ground on mine today. First garden, very excited about it!

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Re: Is anyone going to grow a Victory Garden this spring?

Post by Saint Louisan »

I plant tomatoes every year 6, 8 or sometimes 10 plants. I've got young kids and live in suburbia and I just want then to learn working in the dirt. And they do, they love picking and eating something that they grew from seed. They take pride in it and feel good giving the neighbors a few tomatoes too.

I like to grow a couple cherries and then mix it up between beefsteaks, Arkansas traveler and Cherokee purples. This year I've got a couple orange and yellow varieties I'm gonna try. I love colorful tomatoes if for nothing else than stunningly beautiful dishes.

I decided to try carrots in containers this year. Something the kids love to eat, it sounds like they're fast and pretty easy.

Anyway I bought some ferry morse seeds at Walmart a few weeks ago when they first setup the display. Well I went to that Walmart again a couple days ago and the seeds were pillaged! Hardly any vegetable seeds left but they still had plenty of flower seeds. I'm talking about an 8' long display cleaned toilet paper.

I'd say it's on the minds of lots of folks!

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