Fruitless mulberry kicking my butt

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Fruitless mulberry kicking my butt

Post by Chrisj796 »

Hey everyone I am looking for some advice on trees, I have two fruitless mulberry trees that for the last 2 years have shed leaves all summer. Last fall I used Bayer tree and shrub on them which dried out the wounds on them and then trimmed them way back, I though I fixed the problem. I was wrong both are shedding leaves that yellow and fall AGAIN. Both trees have same symptoms, along with neighbors two trees as well. All four receive different amount (from a lot to none) of water, an trimming. I sprayed a copper tree fungicide a few weeks ago with no difference, had a pest guy check for termites an other bugs with no luck, (although I removed 2 carpenter bees from a large branch in one of them them last fall while trimming it) It’s a pain having to rake leaves daily when it’s 110f hoping someone has knowledge with this.


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Re: Fruitless mulberry kicking my butt

Post by Deadlawn »

Are they fruitless by choice? Mulberries are dioecious - meaning they have male and female trees. The males won't produce any fruit.
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Re: Fruitless mulberry kicking my butt

Post by MattR »

Are you trimming them off season? We had a mulberry and in NH it had to be trimmed around March. Our tree was broken in the wind and I really miss it!

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