GreenePunch in between fert apps

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GreenePunch in between fert apps

Post by Alex_18 »

Just curious if anyone has put down GCF’s GreenePunch between regular fertilizer apps? Im pretty much following LCN’s warm season guide except with X-GRN. 1/2lb N per 1000sqft every 6 weeks along with the rest of the bio stim package. Just curious if i would get any benefit from adding in the GreenePunch 3 weeks after every X-GRN app

1 year old Arden 15 Bremuda. 6k sqft. South Louisiana. Thanks in advance

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Re: GreenePunch in between fert apps

Post by FlaDave »

I did use it. I did not see any beneficial results personally but it works. I've found better results using pgr+feature with a regular synthetic fert plan. Cheaper too in the long run. Ymmv.

Edit: my option with bermuda. Your profile says st. Aug.
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Re: GreenePunch in between fert apps

Post by LawnDrummer »

I used it last season as my main fertilizer along with RGS, Humic12 and microGreene on my centipede lawn.

Do I think it was some 'magical miracle' liquid...not really. I didn't see a huge difference between it and other granular ferts I've used in the past. Maybe it takes several seasons of using it to really help build up the soil? It did green it up and it looked nice all season. I wouldn't say my lawn looks any healthier/thicker than my neighbors' lawns, but it definitely was a slightly darker green last season.


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