SPF-30 hybrid bluegrass

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Re: SPF-30 hybrid bluegrass

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Man I'm so excited to see how well our hybrid bluegrass looks/performs this next growing season. Only a couple more months... :)
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Re: SPF-30 hybrid bluegrass

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Just Veritcut/Dethatched the back yard to remove the St Augustine in prep for seeding.
I did this back in March (2020) before the growing season.
This is the result of less than a years worth of growth (about a quarter of what was removed in March):
Finished up with a final cut at ½" with the reel mower. Really want to avoid using chemicals to kill off the St Augustine.
The idea is to ensure the SPF30 seed doesn't have to compete with the St Augustine. The over seed I did in October didn't work out. The rhizome mat was too dense in most areas of the lawn for any appreciable growth of the SPF30. However, the areas that were bare filled in nicely (used 1 lb. per 1000 sq ft).
The plan is to use the 3 lb. per 1000 sq ft recommend by Outdoor Pride for the upcoming seeding this week. Dropped a bag of Milorganite down just before we experienced a rare snow fall (first in over 12 years here) and the ground should be nice and plump with moisture after the melt. Forecast looks good into next week for temps back into the 60s. Fingers crossed.

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Re: SPF-30 hybrid bluegrass

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spartanlawn wrote:
Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:49 am
@ABC123 thank you! Would the growing season be late February through late October? It Is still green right now but I haven't need to cut but once every couple of weeks. We had some teens a couple of weeks back and it looked a little nipped.
It all depends on the temperature but id say mid march through mid novemeber. That could be 8 or 9 months depending on the forecast.

The soil temp can determine what will be happening to the plant. But with it being a GMO it might not react the same as these below.

90F Shoot growth ceases.
77F Root growth ceases.
70F Maximum temperature for root growth of any consequence.
70F Time to plant grasses in late summer.
60-75F Optimum temperature for shoot growth.
50-65F Optimum temperature for root growth.
40F Shoot growth ceases.
33F Root growth ceases.

So when its slow like you described I would slow down on the N unless rust is a issue.
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Re: SPF-30 hybrid bluegrass

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@ABC123 incredibly helpful information. Thank you!!

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