Tire Tracks in Lawn

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Tire Tracks in Lawn

Post by Jagermeister »

Have any of you all ever had bronzing of your tire tracks in your lawn? I have been appling fertilizer plus FAS plus TNex all summer and this is the first time I have seen this. I didn't get crazy on too much fert or TNex on this app so not sure why this happened. Appreciate your thoughts.


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Re: Tire Tracks in Lawn

Post by LushTurf »

I've noticed this in my yard before too. I only see it after spraying. I have a big yard and spray with a Mule side by side and tank sprayer. The time I noticed it made the most distinct lines was earlier this summer when I sprayed a tank mix that included 3-way and I sprayed in the morning dew. It's almost like the spray solution gets on the tires then burns the blades in the tire tracks, but I'm not sure. I never got around to asking on here, so I'm curious to see what kind of replies you get.

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Re: Tire Tracks in Lawn

Post by Redtwin »

I've had it happen with my boots leaving marks while spraying AS but it recovered quickly.

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