Zoysia Fungus

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Zoysia Fungus

Post by daviddsims »

I just noticed these spots popping up in my palisades zoysia yard this week. I’m sure it’s not dog urine and I have not applied any N this year. I was thinking of purchasing Eagle 20 versus the stuff I can get at Lowe’s. The weather here has been wet and warm and the grass is 100% green. Any particular fungicide I should consider?


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Re: Zoysia Fungus

Post by Longhorn2010 »

To be honest it looks like dog urine marks from this view. Or do you not have a dog? I would use a hand cultivator to scrape out the dead grass and fill it with putting soil. It helps the grass take off in bare spots better than the leaving it alone. It might be worth starting there. I have zoysia too and thought it was a fungus when I was starting out but now I see them everywhere and my dog pees everywhere too!

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