Stolonizing latitude 36 test plot

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Stolonizing latitude 36 test plot

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I’ve been wanting to try it out and finally got around to it. I verticut a section of a field (soccer) at work as deep as verticutter would go. Section I hit was probably 2” as it was under bleachers. Purposely used that section in hopes to get better sprigs given we maintain fields at .700. Soaked them for about 5 minutes in 5 gallon bucket of water, harrells seaweed, harrells earth max and harrells soil enhancer. Dug up an area next to a lat 36 plug I planted around 6 months ago which has spread into a roughly 4’x4’ section. I’ve been watering every hour for 10 minutes from 10am-5pm. Manually soaking it real good one more time each night.


Pictures are from day 5…wish I took pictures day 1. Laid them pretty heavy, added harrells divot mix green sand which has milorganite incorporated into it and stepped on them.

Beginning to get some life in the sprigs. Day 2 sprayed 30-0-0 at 1lb of N. Will follow up with weekly applications. Also purchased Kelp4less extreme blend I applied day 4 at suggested rate and will also follow up with weekly applications as well. Excited to see how they come along

Running this test with possibility of doing entire front yard with sprigs. Also because it’s fun

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