How to utilize soil test for NPK and micros "correctly"

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How to utilize soil test for NPK and micros "correctly"

Post by behrygood1982 »

Hello Everyone,

I received my soil test back a while ago and i'm pretty much high on everything ( above the cirtical level is what they call it ). How do i use this information to adjust my fertilization schedule? For Example, Since i'm high too high on phos and over the critical level on potassium does this mean next year i shouldn't even worry about Potassium OR should i still put some down? What about the micro nutrients? Does it make sense to use the fall soil test to drive what i do next year and take a soil test every year in the fall or is that something that doesn't work like that? I did see a video where @thegrassfactor mentioned that even if your high on potassium for a soil test you should probably still thrown a little down in during the transition/diseas periods for warm season grass.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to utilize soil test for NPK and micros "correctly"

Post by BobLovesGrass »

How long hd it been since you last used a balanced fert?
Wondering if you were reading active fert not soil level.

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Re: How to utilize soil test for NPK and micros "correctly"

Post by 440mag »

@behrygood1982, I betcha these folks know the answers to your questions!

“ ...a couple of fantastic free resources for any Texan who wants to get the most out of their St. Augustine lawn,”

Link to the TX AgriLife Extension St. Augustine guides available online is about 2/3 down this page: ... le-online/
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