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jedross86's 2021 Lawn Journal

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Figured it's about time I do this here as I'm starting to think more about my fall overseed. I hadn't documented my mows but I have been at 3.5 HOC the whole time. I have been bagging my clippings due to the amount of weeds in my lawn and the fungus that popped up in early June. Have been mowing twice a week since I put down Nitrogen on 5/28; before that was not getting a lot of top growth and was mowing once a week.

3/1/21 - Moved into my house. First time dealing wit a lawn. Lawn is still covered in snow
3/20/21 - Can finally see my lawn and there were leave caked under the snow. Raked up the leaves and exposed a lot of bare patches
4/10/21 - Used scott's patch master to fill in most of the bare spots.
4/18/21 - Blanket tenacity spray everywhere there was no new seed.
5/1/21 - Applied moss ex on my side lawn that was pretty bare and gets the least amount of sun
5/5/21 - Blanket 3 month Prodiamine application everywhere there was no new seed.
5/18/21 - Liquid aeration application
5/23/21 - Removed sandbox from back yard. Will leave this area bare for now.
5/27/21 - WBG CCO blanket application
5/28/21 - 29-0-4 @ 3lbs/k
6/2/21 - Soil results come back; see results below. Only recommendation was 100lbs of Potash/acre,
6/5/21 - Curative rate of disease ex everywhere in response to what may have been fungus. Had some hot weather the week before this and a lot of rain at night.
6/10/21 - SOP 0-0-50 @ 2lbs/k
6/11/21 - Applied mefenexom in response to cotton like substance occurring in the left side of my back yard
6/12/21 - WBG & WBG CCO blanket application

Fall Overseed Plans:
Keeping my fingers crossed for good conditions for an overssed at the end of August. I go back to work 3 days a week after labor day and will not be able to be as attentive to watering.

Seed: Got 75 lbs of TTTF & KBG mix from Hogan Seed. I'll rent a roller from a local hardware store. See blend below.
Compost/Peet: Will definitely want to put some peet down. Trying to find a place to rent a compost spreader has been challenging.
Leveling: Will get some top soil delivered to fill in some areas with big dips. Thinking 6 cubic yards. Depending on how much I have left over I may try to fill in some of the faster sloping areas by the property lines. I have the sand from the sandbox still behind my shed and was thinking I can use this as the soil settles. I'm unsure on when I should do this; thinking July/August?
Pre-M: I have tenacity and Etho which I can use at seed down. Unsure if I should apply both or just one; and which one would be preferable to the other.
Aeration/dethatching: I don't want to aerate given the weed situation I had this year. I will eventually buy a sun joe dethatcher to remove some of the dead stuff and give me some help with seed to soil contact.
Fertilizer: I've read that waiting a couple days after seed down during an overseed is the way to go with start fert; so I'll do this. Unsure of when I should switch to just pushing N and what the advantages are of spoon feeding vs. slow release applications.
Irrigation: I manually irrigate. Will need to buy a couple times, few more hoses and more sprinklers to make this less painful when seed is down.
Fungicide: No idea what to do here. Should I do anything around the time of seed down?
Order: Scalp; Dethatch; Clean up debris; Pre-M; seed; roll; peet; wait a couple days for starter fert. Any of this seem out of order?

I have to say I've learned a ton from all of you already and it is much appreciated. My lawn went from being the worst out of my immediate neighbors to looking better than the surrounding houses. Any and all advice on anything I have done, or am planning to do, is welcomed, and appreciated.


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