What are your lawn goals for 2021?

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What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by Ware »

Major renovations? Small projects? Cruise control? What do you want to accomplish this year?

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by Thejarrod »

Great topic

1. Learn to use my backpack sprayer with more precision
2. Use a bit less fert
3. Focus on the front and immediate back yards while ignoring the back of the lot...I just can’t keep 50k maintained at a high level.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by Trent161 »

1. Get my first leveling done. I will probably split the front and back yard into separate projects.
2. Fine-tune the irrigation system. Need to move some heads and adjust some others.
3. Spray more products/ use fewer granular.
4. Raise and or lower boxes/ covers in the yard to making mowing low possible one day.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by JayGo »

I'd like to (and plan to) build a shed in my backyard to store most if not all of my lawncare stuff.
For the past 18 months or so, I've been looking at online plans and YouTube videos to help me decide how I want to build it. I'm a "do it right the first time" kind of guy. Trying to think ahead to what I may/not acquire.
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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by crussell »

1. Tell my girlfriend I want to do a full reno.
2. Probably have to find a new girlfriend.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by CenlaLowell »

1.) Encourage St Augustine to spread on the new lot.
2.) Keep weeds in the flower beds at bay
3.) Figure this disease problem out.
4.) Build a new flower bed around a drain box.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by GA250 »

First leveling project for sure
Learn to use my new McLane like a pro
Take care of lawn treatments 100%- I let my lawn care co go back in September

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by mowww »

1. Correct for K and B deficiencies.
2. Add a total of 1/2" of topdressing in two separate applications.
3. Maintain the backyard (3,500 sq ft) separately and primarily organically and track time and inputs more accurately.
4. Add pavers and underdeck "roof" to make the space more useable.
5. Follow my pre-planned protocol rather than flying by the seat of my pants.
6. Use a single app of PCU for 90% or more of my nitrogen.
7. If annual bluegrass persists, run a tighter Tenacity program.
8. Sell/share my plethora of lawncare products before they get old.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by Shindoman »

Learning how to keep the Poa sod I laid last year looking good and growing well. Fungicide is now part of my program. My Sprayer is going to be well used
This year.

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Re: What are your lawn goals for 2021?

Post by BobLovesGrass »

Take out a few trees with a goal towards getting enough sun in the front yard I can grow desirable KBG rather than the bumper crop of POA T. I grew last year

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