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Post by psider25 »

Does it make sense to add Mycorrhizae (like MycoApply Endo) to the lawn during a renovation project at the time of seeding?

I have bare dirt and am preparing to seed Bewitched KGB and am looking at soil amendments.

Will mycorrhizae work if the grass does not even have roots yet (ie grass seed / seedlings)? Does this have to be added later after the grass is more mature?

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Re: Mycorrhizae

Post by Powhatan »

Never used the product but the label says:
2.0 Application Instructions:
MycoApply® Endo is a granular mycorrhizal inoculant that can be banded under seed, worked
into seedbeds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting media, or sprinkled on roots at time of
transplant. ... .2-Web.pdf

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Re: Mycorrhizae

Post by daniel3507 »

I would probably add other things to the soil instead of that. Mix in some compost and other additives that contain other beneficial organisms in addition to mycorrhizae. Things like soil conditioner in addition to compost and whatever needed to change soil structure. After I seeded my fescue I sprayed Holganixwhich contains lots of different microbes. Might not be a bad idea to mycorrhizae once it germinates but it could be more expensive than other options.

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Re: Mycorrhizae

Post by Bermuda_Triangle »

I would follow the compost idea that others have posted about. You can collect soil from an area that has heavy tree growth, a good bit of leaf litter, an move some of that soil to your lawn. The soil collected there will be heavy in endo and ecto mycorrhizae.

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