Organic landscaping company?

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Organic landscaping company?

Post by Greenie »

I got a price from two landscapers for organic lawn treatments. Both are similarly vague in how they treat.

If I DIY’d I’d probably use corn meal gluten in early spring, followed by organic fertilizer (Espoma) through the year. Obviously DIY is cheaper.

Could there be much more that they’re doing beyond this (simple) routine?

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Re: Organic landscaping company?

Post by Chris LI »

They may have organic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that they incorporate into their program. If you are seriously considering using them, I would press them on exactly what products they plan to use (or used last year). It sounds very sketchy that they are not willing to reveal what products/treatments they plan to provide to relieve you of your hard earned money. I would look up the NJ State governing body for pesticide/fertilizer application for info. NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation requires lawn care companies to write up a lawn care contract at the beginning of the season which includes the exact products and estimated week of application for the season (and obviously cost). I don't know if NJ has anything similar, but it is worth looking into.

That being said, there are a lot of products out there that are organic/biopesticides. Here are just a few examples or ingredients off the top of my head:

Milky Spore- bioinsecticide for grubs
Essentria IC3- various oils for flying/crawling insects
Serenade-biofungicide used for prevention

There are many other oil based products which act as insecticides and/or fungicides. Some use cedar oil, thyme oil, neem oil, just to name a few. Many use combinations of oils. Organic herbicides are all non-selective and contact only (kill all and do not enter the root system). There could be exceptions, but they would be few and far between.

Many of the oil based products have pleasant scent, but garlic juice (mosquito repellent) can be strong and funky. I've used both.

There are many online suppliers and some commercial turf suppliers sell to the homeowner, so you have options. Do My Own is a good place to start doing some homework, besides running searches on TLF.

I hope this helps.

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