New spray rig, plumbing spot check.

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New spray rig, plumbing spot check.

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Just floating my new rig here to see if there are any suggestions for improvement. Main tank is 3 point rig for a Ventrac. Will also have a modular tank for front of tractor. I spray foliar nutrition and contacts at about 30-40 gpa with a XRC - medium droplet pattern. Turf paints/dyes and wetting agents up to 70 gpa coarse to ultra-coarse. Using Greenleaf TDAD .06 for colorant. Still deciding on whether to make up turbo floodjet caps or go with Ai’s for wetting agent and insect control. Most apps are on 2 acre ball fields, various hybrids and common Bermudas, kikuyu, and overseeded PRG. We use all the high priced selectives and golf course grade foliars, so we try to be as precise as possible.
Pump:: 7.0 GPM Remco Fat Boy bypass
Suction plumbing: 3/4 inch drain and strainer and suction line.
Pressure plumbing: 1/2 inch boom, agitation, and bypass.
Boom: 20 inch spacing.
Controls: manual Arag valve bank, Teejet 834-P rate controller. The 834-p controls pressure by regulating pump rpm and computer is pressure (not flow) based., never used one of these, so big experiment here.

I haven’t set up a two tank system, so am still figuring some stuff out. Will have a small agitation pump on the front tank and will basically use it as a nurse tank unless i can figure out a way to make it all work together without having to stop mid-spray.

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