What to do around young trees?

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What to do around young trees?

Post by craigdt » Tue May 14, 2019 10:17 pm

We planted a couple small trees a few years ago, and are struggling with what to put around the trunks.

They are currently surrounded by a brick border, and have some mulch/bark chips to (try) to prevent weeds.

But grass and what not is growing in the borders, and we are struggling with how to handle it.

I want something that's low maintenance that prevents all plants from growing around it, but still want some level of protection against me accidentally hitting the trunk with the string trimmer, running into them, etc.

Mixture of Roundup/Prodiamine/etc? Put down weed block? Get a bed-definer thing?

Pics from a couple months ago, grass is currently like 10" tall:

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Re: What to do around young trees?

Post by TulsaRyan » Wed May 15, 2019 12:22 pm

New to the forum here - best bet in a small area like that would be to dig up / yard weasel the grass out and add new dirt. The area around that tree is small enough that it should not take much work or materials to fill in. The alternatives would be to spray your round up and let it die then add some dirt / mulch in there. If you are against chemicals like round up simply putting down some newspaper or cardboard first then adding a layer of dirt will kill off the grass... especially if you do not plan to add any flowers or anything around the tree.

Round up will not affect the root of the tree, just would impact any green leaves if applied to them.

However you end up removing the grass, be sure to add a good layer of dirt and mulch to prevent the grass from growing in the future. And for maintenance - always be sure to weed eat effectively around the area. Keeping the grass trimmed around the brick border will drastically reduce the chances of grass spreading in there.

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