Wet/Muddy Lawn

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Wet/Muddy Lawn

Post by LawnMan247 »

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right subforum to post this on. And if this topic has been discussed elsewhere feel free to link it, thanks!

So I live in upstate New York in a somewhat rural area and my lawn is constantly soaked in the summer for days after it rains only for a couple hours. Even when it's 90 degree sunny weather after it rains. I have done everything I can think of, I tilled my entire yard to airrate the soil last year and replanted grass and that helped but towards the end it went back to the way it was. Its a fenced in yard about 3000sq ft. I'd rather not re-till every year, I have a German Shepherd and I hate to keep him off of the lawn for 2 weeks while it grows.

Any tips to help with this problem? Thank you in advance!
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Re: Wet/Muddy Lawn

Post by EFitz »

I just bought my house last summer and fought a similar issue in a shaded area. I'm pretty new to all this but from what I can find a wetting agent could be applied to help pull water down through the soil. I don't have any actual real world experience with it, but that is what I'm going to try this year.

Here is a post about it, check out page 2 and 3 for some pretty amazing photos: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=208

This is also a cool video showing how well it works.

I could be completely wrong and if so hopefully the internet will do its thing and correct me, but I hope this helps you out!
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Re: Wet/Muddy Lawn

Post by sean_h »

May need a French drain or dry well in the area.
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