Bluestone Installation Concerns

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Bluestone Installation Concerns

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Hi Lawn Forum Collective,

Advance apologies if this has been asked previously. I am new to this forum and am concerned with our project. My wife and I are really hoping to gain some collective wisdom as we are in the middle of a major (for us at least) project.

1. We have already purchased Connecticut Bluestone and would like to install it
2. The bluestone is being installed across approximately 500 sq ft. on different elevations.

What is the process of handling the different materials to ensure an installation that will not shift over time?
Materials we have purchased include:
(1) baserock (around 6in)
(2) coarse sand
(3) bluestone

1. What is the typical application to ensure longevity and minimize movement of the stones over a long period of time?
2. Is there different applications beyond the typical install? If so, is it considered acceptable as well?

Thank you,


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