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Re: MD95 MD11

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dfw_pilot wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:48 am
Sorry for the bump.

@717driver, I never realized how similar MD kept the 717 cockpit to the MD-11.
Haha! It’s very similar. The box does not like short legs, it has a lot of things in it left over from oceanic flying that we’ll never use on it. When you are on a flight where you don’t reach your planned cruise, say HSV-ATL, then it gives up on descent planning and PROF modes are nearly useless. It’s a great machine and the avionics package is awesome, it’s just comical how much was Copy + Paste. They even left the gap for the 3rd engine start switch, but just removed the switch. I wish we had the MD-11 seats, though.

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Re: Aircraft Pilots

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My most memorable flight was when I was doing one of my early solo cross countries as a student. I picked out an airport about 65nm away with a greasy diner nearby and took off on my way in a faded Old piper warrior. I remember my instructor making a point to say that he had signed me off to take off and land only at my destinations and nowhere else. All was well on my way there, picturesque day, uneventful flight....I land and head in for lunch. Finish up and head back to the plane to make my way back home. About the time the wheels left the ground I get this overwhelming feeling that I’m about to have a problem. About 2-3 min go by and I’ve decided that today could be the day that I poop my pants as an adult.

As I contemplated for the entire flight home whether to break the rules and land somewhere else or poop my pants It made for one of the most unpleasant flights I’ve ever taken.

Lessons learned. If you eat a greasy burger on a flight In a small airplane...You may want to declare a different type of emergency.

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Re: Aircraft Pilots

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Re: Aircraft Pilots

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I worked a flight line for a number of years and still today, it was my favorite job, ever. Was in the thick of it during 911 and we were also a dod ramp. I never got my license, but flew our 172 rentals many times with my friend who was atc.

I really loved the aviation game but unfortunately, after 911, the private game really died and being the highest paid guy and still struggling, it was time to find another career.

God bless you guys who stuck with it.

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