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Re: MD95 MD11

Post by 717driver »

dfw_pilot wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:48 am
Sorry for the bump.

@717driver, I never realized how similar MD kept the 717 cockpit to the MD-11.
Haha! It’s very similar. The box does not like short legs, it has a lot of things in it left over from oceanic flying that we’ll never use on it. When you are on a flight where you don’t reach your planned cruise, say HSV-ATL, then it gives up on descent planning and PROF modes are nearly useless. It’s a great machine and the avionics package is awesome, it’s just comical how much was Copy + Paste. They even left the gap for the 3rd engine start switch, but just removed the switch. I wish we had the MD-11 seats, though.

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