What is on your short list?

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What is on your short list?

Post by jeffjunstrom »

What is next on your wish list, if money/the spouse/time wasn't an issue? I don't mean pie-in-the-sky dreams (I'm sure we'd all like to have the super fancy greens machines they use at St. Andrews), I mean legit lawn/garden/hobby items that you've had your eye on that you just haven't pulled the trigger on for whatever reason...

1) Cal Trimmers 5-blade high HOC - I'm terrified to get into the reel game, and the $1500 cost of entry has me hesitant. One day.

2) Outdoor shed - we priced a Tuff Shed at Home Depot, but with lumber still high we're probably going to wait. Looking at a 10x12 with a couple windows and an entry ramp

3) Gorilla cart - I don't haul a lot of stuff, so it's not a necessity. I also don't have a place to put it yet, as I'm currently in the market for a shed (see (2), above)

4) Idech power rotary scissors - String trimming is my least favorite step in my current lawn care routine, so this is probably my next purchase, once I land on which stick I want to buy to put the scissors on

5) Hoselink system - I don't know who on here initially brought it up, but after research this system looks awesome. If the scissors aren't my next purchase, this will be (once the extra housing clamps are back in stock)

6) 2-iron - Contrary to most amateur golfers, I hit my irons fairly well and can't hit a hybrid to save my life. After watching Spieth put a T200 2-iron in his bag for The Open, my desire for a driving iron was renewed.

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by Herring »

1) Eley hose reels on each side of the house with nice hoses and nozzles.

2) Ego string trimmer and blower, and power rotary scissors to go with it! Still dragging around the corded leaf blower, and everything it catches on, but it works.

3) Gas dethatcher/verticutter.

4) 4 gallon battery backpack sprayer, Flowzone or My4Sons. My two gallon sprayers plus is great but filling up a couple times would be better than a few times.

5) Mountain of free USGA sand behind the house for yearly top dressing.

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by Cory »

15+ acres

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by Amoo316 »


It's ONLY $30K, but if money wasn't a factor I'd definitely own this bad boy. More realistically I'll probably hit up a used equipment auction in a few years and try to find a spreader/sprayer in decent shape with decent capacity in the $2-3K range

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by White94RX »

Herring wrote:
Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:06 am
1) Eley hose reels on each side of the house with nice hoses and nozzles.

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by ksturfguy »

60x40 outbuilding, permagreen or some ride on sprayer, golf simulator would probably be my top 3 but I'm sure I'm forgetting about something

Oh ya an irrigation system

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by pennstater2005 »

Ryobi 4 gallon backpack sprayer. Don’t spray much but when I do I dread it now with the hand pump Chapin even with the TeeJet nozzles and CF valve.
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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by NJ-lawn »

Toro greens master

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by Thejarrod »

walker mower
Spreader Mate B
Power Spreader to push that spreader mate around
https://www.powerspreaders.com/about-wa ... spreaders/

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Re: What is on your short list?

Post by Retromower »

1.) 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend
2.) Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7 1/14" sliding miter saw
3.) Milwaukee M18 Fuel 8 1/2" table saw
Thats it for me, really. Ive already got a garage full of a bunch of wonderful tools that allow me to do pretty much anything woodworking, auto repair or home DIY project you could imagine. Im very happy with my Fiskars reel mower and my Milwaukee trimmer/blower and my little Scotts Mini spreader.
Ive already got a nice little Ryobi miter saw and Craftsman table saw that work just fine but if Im dreaming, there is no comparison between a $150 Ryobi miter saw, a $200 Craftsman table saw and a $500 Milwaukee miter saw or table saw.
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