Gas Grill - Suggestions or Recommendations

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Re: Gas Grill - Suggestions or Recommendations

Post by Ware »

TroyScherer wrote:
Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:57 am

I thought I would share my final decision. After looking at quite a few options and looking at really cheap stuff (Lowes / HD) and some really nice high end options I settled on Weber Genesis II series for the cost and quality I saw first hand.

But in my looking I didn't really need a huge 3, 4, 5 burner unit even though it would have stroked my ego a little. SO I settled on a smaller 2 burner unit I had saw last year. The problem was that Weber discontinued the 2 burner version at the end of 2018. Luckily as I as searching online I found that my local Ace actually still had one in stock that was in the back still boxed. So a quick phone call and a few days later I now have my Grill.

Weber Genesis II - 2 Burner

Congrats! I have the same grill - I think you will love it!

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Re: Gas Grill - Suggestions or Recommendations

Post by Zelienena »

Hit a garage sale on the way home and ended up buying an Akorn for $40 . His wife did not like it and they use a gasser now.

Never used one before so looking for the do's and don'ts.

I'll clean it up a little first then get something going.

Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Gas Grill - Suggestions or Recommendations

Post by TheDadofAllTrades »

I went from a rusted hunk of junk to a nex grill. I love the 5 burner nex grill. I guess time will tell about how it lasts

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