Creeping bentgrass on Oct 17

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Creeping bentgrass on Oct 17

Post by MassHole »

So I have been battling bentgrass for years, and missed this section last month... I have Midnight and Bluebank, going to Midnight monostand slowly.


So it's now October 17 in Western Mass, and I have 3-5 weeks of growth left, max.

Tenacity and Triclopyr will take 2-3 weeks to eliminate it, dethatch it multiple times, and it's too late to nitrogen blitz, much less seed.

What would you do? Wait until spring and spray and then blitz the Midnight in the bentgrass? Spray now and keep blitzing?

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Re: Creeping bentgrass on Oct 17

Post by Dude »

I'd spray it and keep fertilizing as normal. I would mix tenacity at the 5oz/acre rate with a foliar app of urea and NIS.

You won't be able fill in the area by winter, but you said you've been battling it for years. I'd try to get ahead of it.

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