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Blue Note

Post by hogmaster »

Blue Note KBG has done very well in trials, but I am finding very little about it here. I am primarily interested in a nice texture and good density, and while I want it pretty green, having it the greenest (like Bewitched) is not as important. I am currently thinking about mixing Blue Note with Bewitched and Blue Velvet. Does anyone have experience with this combination or something like it? Thanks!!

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Re: Blue Note

Post by Johnl445 »

This is my KBG blend from a local nursery. zinger is probably the worst cultivar of this 4 way blend. I wish it wasn’t even in there. Sometimes I want to know the same thing your asking, if I could be able to tell the difference from one cultivar to the next. and I’ve read all the trials and sometimes I wish I just did a straight mono stand kbg. But from what I’ve read on this forum, with the naked eye you cant tell. it’s hard to tell the difference from a mono stand from a blend of KBg.


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Re: Blue Note

Post by jskierko »

I did some test plots with various blends (rye and kbg) a few years back. The plot that I had with blue note (it also had bluebank and bewitched) definitely looked to be one of the healthiest, but it seemed to have a brighter green hue rather than the blue-green synonymous with KBG. I ascertained that it was due to the Blue Note in the mix. Everyone has different tastes, but it was too light in color for my liking. If you are looking at that blend for generic diversity, I am not too familiar with the compact America class (which includes Blue Note). Maybe @bernstem can chime in with what he thought of the color of his Moonlight, which falls in that same class.
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Re: Blue Note

Post by bernstem »

jskierko wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 6:02 pm
Maybe @bernstem can chime in with what he thought of the color of his Moonlight, which falls in that same class.
I had Moonlight SLT in a blend with Award and Prosperity. At the time I picked my blend, Moonlight was one of the darkest Compacts. I could not tell the difference in color between the three, but they are very close in color scores. If you look at NTEP data, anything within +/- 0.2 (maybe up to 0.4) points or so is basically the same when blended. If you grow them as monostands next to each other, you will be able to tell them apart but that isn't the plan. Also, keep in mind that color is highly dependent on soil and management. pH and Iron levels, in particular affect color significantly.

I would expect Blue Velvet will be noticeably lighter as it is a full point (or more) lower in color score in the NTEP trials. Some people like a blend with a lighter bluegrass as it can give some texture to the lawn, but if you want a more uniform look, I would pick something darker to blend with Blue Velvet and Bewitched.

I would also point out that the more intensively you maintain your lawn, the more the seed choice matters. A high input, zero weed, short cut lawn will benefit much more from seed choice than one that is maintained more casually. I also think that uniformity matters more than color in appearance. A Zoysia lawn in the middle of summer at 1 inch HOC looks great despite the light green color. A monostand of Midnight invaded with clover will look terrible in comparison. Because of that I picked my blend of Award, Prosperity, and Moonlight SLT to be very similar in color and texture. If it matters, I have since renovated to a monostand to get even more uniformity so you can see where my opinions lean.
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