Can overseeding non-KBG into KBG lawn do more harm than good?

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye
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Can overseeding non-KBG into KBG lawn do more harm than good?

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I'm guessing this isn't even a valid concern. I'll ask anyway. This may not even make sense.

Can overseeding TTTF or rye, grasses that do not spread, into a KBG lawn fill bare spots with non-spreading grass that would normally have been eventually filled by KBG via spreading?

I have a few small bare spots but I have no idea what type of grass I have. Likely a northern mix. Some areas of the lawn are different types than others and some areas are probably a mix.

I'm wondering if I fill a bare spot with TTTF, am I taking up space that could have eventually been filled by KBG? Then in say 5 years, the TTTF dies and it's bare again, will the KBG ultimately fill the bare spot?

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Re: Can overseeding non-KBG into KBG lawn do more harm than good?

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You're over thinking it, being that you said you're not sure what kind of grass you even have, just buy some seed and throw it down to fill in the spots. Especially if these are spots that have consistently been an issue. The thing is, just about any cool season lawn has TTTF, KBG, PRG, Fine Fescue etc. all mixed into it because the average home owner just goes to Home Depot, buys a bag of seed, spreads it and lets it go and they do this every year because they've heard "you have to over seed to keep your lawn thick so that the thick lawn prevents weeds!".

The issue is, those mixes change every year, so unless you do a full nuke of your entire lawn and plant a monostand (or even a 2-3 cultivar mixture) trying to make an existing lawn of randomness perfectly cohesive is a fruitless effort. As every grass type and then furthermore cultivar of that type has different requirements for water, nutrients, hoc etc.

I'm not trying to pressure you into a reno, I'm simply saying, don't worry about filling a bare spot with XYZ when you have a random mix that you're not sure whats even in it... just fill the bare spots as the bare spots look worse than if it's a random patch of TTTF that kind of stands out a bit if you really survey the land.

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Re: Can overseeding non-KBG into KBG lawn do more harm than good?

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