Why poa annua persists in some areas....

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Why poa annua persists in some areas....

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It's not a different cultivar. It's a fully different subspecies used on putting greens!

"There are two types of annual bluegrass. Poa annua var. annua is a winter annual; Poa annua var. reptans persists as a perennial in wetter, more highly managed sites, especially putting greens. The annual subspecies produces seeds in May and June, which germinate in late summer. It has shallow roots and more erect growth than the perennial subspecies. To add to the confusion, there are literally thousands of biotypes whose characteristics fall somewhere between those of Poa annua var. annua and Poa annua var. reptans."

Also, what the heck!!!!

"On frequently irrigated, closely mown sites the true annual type may eventually evolve into perennial biotypes if the sites are not exposed to temperature extremes. The grasses gradually evolve and become perennial by using more energy for vegetative growth and significantly less for seed production. This transition is most likely to occur on putting greens, so the perennial Poa annua is also called "greens-type.""

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