Incorporating Creeping Grass into TTTF

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye
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Incorporating Creeping Grass into TTTF

Post by Drewmey » Mon May 20, 2019 7:26 am

My small front lawn (approximately 1ksf) looks very good this year compared the previous (3) years I have lived at this home. I have found that no matter how well kept this front lawn is, there are times when small spots struggle. Be it dog urine (my neighborhood is an extremely popular place to walk), pulling the occasional weeds/bentgrass/poa a, piled up snow (from having to shovel the driveway and sidewalk somewhere...the lawn unfortunately), and other issues that arise. When the lawn is healthy it does bunch/clump nicely to fill in small gaps. However, it seems like there are always at least a couple areas that I end up having to reseed every year.

I dream of having a front lawn that has more 'self healing' abilities via a creeping grass. However, the front lawn is just in too nice of a condition to do a full renovation. I also do not think I have what it takes to overseed with KBG using normal techniques (mow really low, use PGR, overseed, water, cross fingers).

Option #1: Has anyone tried growing solo cups of KBG grass and transplanting them into your TTTF lawn over time? I am thinking I could do 20-40 'cups' every year but I am afraid it could look pretty patchy and stupid for the first year. With only 1ksf, I don't think it would take all the long to cover a decent percentage of the lawn to get a nice 50/50 blend. Maybe 2-3 years. But I am pretty sure it will not visually be the same result as laying down an evenly distributed seed mixture of TTTF and KBG.

Option #2: Has anyone tried priming/soaking KBG seed for several days before overseeding in a TTTF lawn? I would still mow short and top dress for good soil contact. Just heard this reduces the germination time significantly. If you have tried this, I would appreciate your opinions and advice on what you did and what you would do differently. I have considered this method, although my wife would consider it a renovation and not be thrilled about the work/time involved watering in the fall (1st child coming in August).

Options #3: Live with it and keep patching with TTTF seed every spring and fall. I've been working with this methods but the downside are the difficulties it introduces to Pre-M programs. This year I have been doing Pre-M but digging out 4" and replacing the soil whenever I need to patch an area that has already received a Pre-M. It is also just constant work every year. I would prefer doing work now that enables the lawn to fix small issues itself vs. constant small amount of work repairing myself indefinitely.

I am zone 6b, front lawn has a decent amount of sunlight, no sprinkler system, 50% of the front lawn is on a decent slope near the street.
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