Baby Proofing Dog Water Bowl?

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Baby Proofing Dog Water Bowl?

Post by cglarsen »

My 11 month old hell raiser is like a moth to a flame to the little dogs' water bowl. It must be floor level; I cannot elevate or it will be useless to dogs. Tried the Ray Allen no spill K9 dish and he just holds it at 90 degrees and gets most of the water out.... :roll:

Any others dealt with this and developed a good solution that dogs can access but baby cannot spill? We only keep 2-3 inches of water in bowl as a safety measure against his snorkeling risk.

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Re: Baby Proofing Dog Water Bowl?

Post by rotolow »

Same issue, never a perfect solution. Bought a Neeter Feeder specifically for water bowls and seemed to be the best solution besides keeping the girls away from it until the novelty wore off (a few months). They can't pull it over and most of the water is collected in the basin below when they got their hands in it.

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Re: Baby Proofing Dog Water Bowl?

Post by Drewfallin »

Had the same issue. My daughter is now 3. Found that it was better for natural consequences to play out.

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