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Re: Ware's Christmas Lights

Post by Ware »

Bombers wrote:
Sat Nov 20, 2021 11:33 am
Can't expect clips to last forever being in the elements…
Yeah, I’ve also noticed the clips tend to get sprung when I leave them attached to the lights in the attic. It’s a little more work, but I now prefer to remove the clips between seasons.

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Re: Ware's Christmas Lights

Post by killacam »

Thejarrod wrote:
Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:02 pm
killacam wrote:
Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:27 pm
Which mounting solution would work best for gutters with gutter guards installed? I see they offer the line with the magnet bases which is pretty sweet but its 4x the price of the normal line. Ouch
I have not found any that I liked. Instead of attaching to gutter, I attach to the shingles. The quality of these clips are crap. After being used for a few seasons they get brittle and start breaking, but they are inexpensive.

Thanks for the pic. I guess this is how I'll have to mount them as well even though I like the look on the gutters a little more since you can see them a little better.

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