Blue Note

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye
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Blue Note

Post by hogmaster »

Blue Note KBG has done very well in trials, but I am finding very little about it here. I am primarily interested in a nice texture and good density, and while I want it pretty green, having it the greenest (like Bewitched) is not as important. I am currently thinking about mixing Blue Note with Bewitched and Blue Velvet. Does anyone have experience with this combination or something like it? Thanks!!

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Re: Blue Note

Post by Johnl445 »

This is my KBG blend from a local nursery. zinger is probably the worst cultivar of this 4 way blend. I wish it wasn’t even in there. Sometimes I want to know the same thing your asking, if I could be able to tell the difference from one cultivar to the next. and I’ve read all the trials and sometimes I wish I just did a straight mono stand kbg. But from what I’ve read on this forum, with the naked eye you cant tell. it’s hard to tell the difference from a mono stand from a blend of KBg.


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