Want to say thanks - Overseeding success

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Want to say thanks - Overseeding success

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Really appreciate the forum. i weeded, thatched, sprayed tenacity and overseeded with new MP Rotors. Grass is going great, crabgrass died off hard and nutseed is dying off. Looks 100% better. Still waiting on the first mow as its been 3 weeks so plan to do that next Saturday. I've got a few spots that were light on the seeding so was planning on doing it again in the less dense areas and give it another month to grow. Being in Northern California we are just now into high 70's so probably plenty of growing time left.

The thatching and weeding the crabgrass was by far the hardest part.

planning my front yard renovation next fall. Question, i've always started with Sod, is there any disadvantage other than cost to going straight sod? I assume the kill off is still just as important but thinking i'll just resod next fall with a KBG blend perhaps or just stick with the Bolero grass i've used before given the high triple digit summer days.

Thanks again to all the help and countless hours of reading on the forum. I'm pumped to take the grass to the next level.

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Re: Want to say thanks - Overseeding success

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@Chasin Fin Pics?!

Congrats on the recent lawn success :thumbup:
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