Thoughts on recent fall Reno and Ref Thread?

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye
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Thoughts on recent fall Reno and Ref Thread?

Post by Zcape35 »

My first reno is complete and I learned a lot of valuable lessons. The first is that I wished I had found this forum prior to the seeding stage. Here is the lawn as of today. KBG and PRG


I’m really happy with how it currently is but can’t wait for next Spring’s growth.

I started with this lawn

Which was being taken over by clumping fescue etc.

I’m in Massachusetts and had some fungi issues do to apparent overwatering and too much seed put down. I thought my battle was over (pythium I think) but now I have some Red Thread?
It’s pretty cold so I’m guessing I’m Safe at this point?


Is this Red Thread and should I do anything?
Thanks for all the help past and present!
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Re: Thoughts on recent fall Reno and Ref Thread?

Post by zackroof »

Yeah, I think it is read thread, but will let some of the more experienced weigh in. I'm also in Mass and did a very similar reno with the same blend. I also picked up a few random spots of what you're showing there. I could see faint strands of red in a few of the spots in my yard which is why I think it's red thread. I didn't really do anything for it other than a light detthaching and it seems to be dissipating.

I found it very strange to get that since it's been relatively cold as you point out. But there has been a good amount of rain and some unseasonably warm days. I'm now dealing with spots of black slime mold - so weird.

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