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Landscape Lighting

Post by kleinmk » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:51 pm

Looking for someone who has some landscape lighting experience for some electrical guidance that can answer a question about wiring up 12V ATV lights to a low voltage landscape wiring / transformer.

I purchased 2 ATV light bars from Oedro ( ... 10d-lens-w…). I also have 8 smaller units with only 6 bubbles. These lights are 12V low voltage lights. The 2 large bars are 135W each and the smaller ones are 18W each. That is a combined total of 414W. They each have 1 red and black wire pigtail.

I want to connect each light using using 12/2 Low Voltage landscape wire and connect to a Landscape Lighting Low Voltage Transformer. My transformer is only 300W which means I will not be able to use all the smaller lights to get under the max of 300W.

How do I wire these ATV lights to the 12/2 landscape wire? The lights have a Red/Black pigtail stranded wire. The 12/2 landscape wire is stranded. Can I use standard vampire style landscape connectors to bite into the 12/2 wire?

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you,


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