Clover For Live Mulch

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Clover For Live Mulch

Post by daniel3507 »

Has anyone planted clover instead of using mulch in their flower beds? Keeping it out of the lawn could be an issue but I think it would be doable. Interested in it since it's low growing and can be beneficial for the soil.

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Re: Clover For Live Mulch

Post by Gilley11 »

I personally wouldn't like the look of it and it would never stay contained. Throw a little fertilizer in there with the mulch and call it a day 😜.

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Re: Clover For Live Mulch

Post by The Anti-Rebel »

Is your main goal to eliminate the need for mulch? Because there are a number of ground cover options out there. Including pachysandra or creeping phlox. Depending on what you're looking for.

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