Need Advice on Side Yard after Tree Removed

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Need Advice on Side Yard after Tree Removed

Post by elm34 »

I pretty much neglected the grass on the one side of my house since we moved in 1.5 years ago since I knew the Bermuda wasn’t going to survive due to the amount of shade from the 40ft Cedar Elm tree.
I had the tree removed in November by a tree service and the stump was grind 12 inches below the ground.


There is still some areas where the Bermuda has survived but not much. Should I try recover what’s left and encourage what’s there to grow or re-sod the area? My main concern still are the trees on the other side of the fence, which is a greenbelt/walking path for the neighborhood. But I surely can trim anything that hangs over onto my side.

Should I stick with the Bermuda 419 or put something else down? Celebration? TifGrand? Or something else that would be able to survive better from any shade from the trees?

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Re: Need Advice on Side Yard after Tree Removed

Post by gpbrown60 »

Having 419 myself I struggle with a neighbors tree shade. Based on what I see in your pics (greenbelt trees) you may get 419 to come back but it will never be thick and full. I have even tried Tiftuf in my partial shade area and the turf is still leggy and thin but some better. My humble opinion is to stay away from planting Tiftuf or Tifway 419. I can't speak to Celebration or TifGrand but Zoysia would probably work for you. Have you considered some type of hardscape/landscape option?

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Re: Need Advice on Side Yard after Tree Removed

Post by Movingshrub »

My vote is to use a DLI light meter and measure how much light you’re actually working with in that area. Otherwise, my thought would be a “shade tolerant” Bermuda like Tiftuf, tifgrand, or celebration.

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