Pre-Emergent necessary?

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue & Rye
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Pre-Emergent necessary?

Post by BobRoss »

I am pretty new to lawn care and have always just used post herbicide. If I don't really have a crabgrass issue, is it really even necessary to put down a pre-emergent? For the most part, my lawn is filling in pretty good and only gets clovers and some dandelions. From my understanding, pre-emergent wouldn't even really help me much.

Also, every spring I get a lot of brown dead spots from my dog over the winter and I try spot grow new grass in these spots. Would this be a concern with pre down?

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Re: Pre-Emergent necessary?

Post by saidtheblueknight »

The best solution to preventing weeds is a thick healthy lawn, which sounds like you have. So if you don't have much crabgrass then you probably don't need any pre-em. But you have to keep up with the other grass and not let it get too thin.

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