Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

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Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

Post by Lawn_Slug »

Two years ago I renoed my back yard, it was a complete success, its everything I wanted it to be. Last year I renoed my front yard, it was a complete failure, i got the seed down late and it didnt have time to establish before going dormant. Im planing on re doing it this spring in hopes to get it like my back yard. Up until this year iv always push mowed it, all 20k square feet of it. This year I bought a zero turn so I could more comfortably mow it twice a week. Im kind of hesitant to mow the newly seeded part with the zero turn. Really I just wanted to get opinions on the subject. Any feed back is appreciated.

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Re: Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

Post by Mondeh6 »

I am no expert, but I'll wait till late summer (Aug-Sept) before placing the weight of the zero turn on the fragile and still developing grass. i used a push mower until late last year when I planted from seed as well.

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Re: Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

Post by ENC_Lawn »

I cut my newly planted lawn with my zero-turn on day 48 last season and it didn't affect the grass any.

Just be very careful with the inside wheel on the zero-turn and make sure the inside wheel never stops that you don't tear up the new grass.

Day 48 picture below.


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Re: Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

Post by Dangerlawn »

If I had 20k and a zero turn I would totally use it on a newly seeded bermuda lawn. Whatever damage you call will self repair. It's the alpha grass.

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Re: Mowing newly seeded Bermuda

Post by jasonbraswell »

I think I was mowing on seeded grass 3-4 wks after sprouts last year. No issue

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