Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

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Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by cubsfan24 »

Any idea when these will be available anywhere?? Looking to plan for fall.

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by coolturf »

I've been waiting since April for a warranty replacement on mine.
I follow up each week by email.
Nothing but auto replies since the first week.
I'm not feeling to good about it.
Still getting lots of email Ads, so they got that going for them.

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by heyberto »

I’ve been on a list to get notified when they’re back in stock for a month now. I’m getting a bit irritated over here.

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by Mdos »

Bought one on about 3 weeks ago

Edit- sorry just checked out of stock... my wife must have got one of the last ones for her old man

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by Cdub5_ »

Late May I went to the Snow Joe website and used the e-chat to talk to a representative. At that time they had told me the dethatcher would return late June. Then in early June out of nowhere Home Depot held a quick pre-order sale on this item. I quickly bought one and I received it one day later than they quoted (Received on June 17th). Since they had the sale and then I actually received my dethatcher I thought business would be back to normal in the near future. Well, the end of June has just come and gone so fingers crossed maybe not too much longer.

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by Shindoman »

I ordered one from Amazon Canada last week even though it said “out of stock”
Showed up on my porch 6 days later.

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Re: Sunjoe dethatcher - out of stock

Post by DuncanMcDonuts »

I have a warranty claim from last month. The rep told me they keep a few in stock for warranty claims, but obviously from my experience and coolturf's, that sounds like a lie.

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