MSO vs. NIS Herbicides

Warm season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede & Paspalum
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MSO vs. NIS Herbicides

Post by B-Rad »

Yo yo lawn peeps,

I am planning to broadcast spray an app of Tribute Total tomorrow. The weather forecast is shown below. I am ~4.5 weeks from my first spray. I have some Dallisgrass starting to peak back through in some areas.

The first round I mixed the Tribute Total with MSO and AMS. Did very good I think.

I have read that MSO is not advised when the weather is over 85 degrees.

I have both MSO and NIS available.

Is it better to use the NIS this round considering the change in weather?




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Re: MSO vs. NIS Herbicides

Post by david_ »

The label should have the temp restrictions on adjuvants.

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