Soil test report interpretation

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Soil test report interpretation

Post by ishmael »

Can anyone provide advice how best to proceed with additions given the attached soil test report? Going forward I'll have this test done in early spring as is recommended here. I just took over the maintenance of our lawn so I thought I would have the test done to get a baseline of where I am. I do plan to do the nitrogen blitz in the fall. This is all new to me so any guidance that can be provided would be appreciated.


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Re: Soil test report interpretation

Post by g-man »

@ishmael I moved your post to the soil folder.

You need Calcitic lime. 40lb/ksqft.

You can also use some potassium.

Check the soil remediation guide for products you can use.

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Re: Soil test report interpretation

Post by uts »

Go to a local Nutrien AG store (there are a few in CT and neighbouring states) near you and get lime and sulphate of potash. As above ask for calcitic lime..

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