Popular Soil Fertility and Soil Testing Threads

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Popular Soil Fertility and Soil Testing Threads

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PSU Turfgrass Fertilization - This is a great publication with information around soil testing and fertilization.

Soil Test General Guidelines

Try to be consistent on what time of the year the samples are taken to avoid seasonal variability. Avoid sampling soon after some soil amendment was done (eg. after lime). I prefer in the spring right after green up.

Take soil samples from 0 to 4in depth from multiple spots (+10) in the yard ( Sampling techniques). Many of us had success with these labs:

- Waypoint Analytical in MempthisTN Packages S3M ($16.50) or SW1 ($26.50) if your suspect high pH (do you have hardwater?)
- Midwest Labs Tests Packages S1A and S3
- A&L Great Lakes Packages Complete under Home & garden ($30)
- Ward lab - https://www.wardlab.com/
- Spectrum Analytics - https://www.spectrumanalytic.com/
- There are many other options (local ag county, university) , but look for one that participates in the NATP program

SoilSavvy / MySoil is one I (g-man) don't personally like since they don't report their test methods or any rational for the optimal range. Others do like it, but I wont be of much help with the report. Therefore, just follow their recommendations.

Waypoint California test methods are very different and expensive. I would suggest to just mail your soils to their Memphis site if you want to use Waypoint. The shipping cost is the same to you (USPS small box).

Rather than clutter the top of each subforum with a bunch of stickies, we are going to try this approach - a single sticky thread at the top of each subforum with links to some of the most popular/relevant threads to that subforum. This will allow users to quickly access those threads that live within this subforum, and also threads that may live in another subforum.

I grabbed a few to get this party started, but feel free to nominate a thread to be included in this sticky. The mods will help me stay caught up on adding/organizing them. :thumbup:
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