What YouTube Lawn Care Channels are you Subscribed to!

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Re: What YouTube Lawn Care Channels are you Subscribed to!

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Hello everybody I posted on this thread at the beginning of the year. I’m reposting as my vibe and methodology has evolved since I started the channel last year. My channel is a bit different, in that I’m 100% organic, soil biology focused garden geek with a 105 yr old lawn that has been in my family since 1951......just a Chicago knucklehead with a love of nature and his home and yard....another approach. Here is part 3 of my ongoing soil biology discussion...
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Re: What YouTube Lawn Care Channels are you Subscribed to!

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Aztrucker11 wrote:
Sun Apr 21, 2019 2:40 pm
could someone please post the link to how to with doc other pages like the soccor
ball one the gold thing and the phone or safe protector please?


IMO the super juice is extremely overpriced and he's a tool for his incessant pushing of sales. Even so, if you ignore the super juice infomercials he does have some good information in there and has many helpful videos.
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Re: What YouTube Lawn Care Channels are you Subscribed to!

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The soccer program actually looks solid.
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Re: What YouTube Lawn Care Channels are you Subscribed to!

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Hello everyone. I subscribe to many YT Lawn Care channels... pretty much most that have been said above. Watching many of those videos helped me to find my love and passion for making my stand of turf the best it could be. With that said, it also gave me the chance/idea to mesh two passions, lawn care and filmmaking. I started my channel last year, but got busy and stopped uploading. I restarted the channel in September and have posted 20+ videos in that time. If you have the space for another channel, check me out. I try to incorporate my short film/filmmaking side into my videos, but sometimes I just go straight forward. The video below is one that I did a mini-short film with my wife and kids.

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