Advice on yard leveling

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Advice on yard leveling

Post by Stonehead1011 »

Hello im new to the forum and looking forward to learning more about managing my lawn. I’m on a 1/3 acre plot with established grass with a heavy clay content soil that is very bumpy and cracks in the dry months in northwest Indiana.

I’ve been reading up and watching videos on top dressing my lawn and I think I have a good game plan but want to see what others think or have any input.

First off I’m gonna dethatch my lawn and give it a week or two rest before I aerate it and remove the plugs since I have a heavy clay soil. Then I’m gonna treat it with milorganite and then level it with some topsoil from a local nursery.

Does this sound like a good attack plan for my yard? Any input/advice is welcome. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Advice on yard leveling

Post by Jayray »

I’m not an expert but from spending too much time around here I know most people will use 100% sand if the desired outcome is only to level. I have clay and am going to aerate and level with 1/4 inch of sand soon.

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Re: Advice on yard leveling

Post by stotea »

Topsoil also tends to have weed seed in it.

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Re: Advice on yard leveling

Post by alt-brian »

I also...
1) am new to this forum
2) have a heavy, bumpy clay soil that cracks in the summer
3) want to top dress and level my lawn

I aerated in early spring, followed by over seeding with BlueBank KBG.
I used Andersons starter fert w/Tenacity.
(I will be doing it again in the fall)

After much research, I decided I will have the local landscape supply yard mix 3 cu yards of sifted topsoil and 3 cu yards of leaf humus.
That is what I will be top dressing and leveling with.

I decide against using any sand, even though it would make the mix much easier to handle/spread.
I do not like the idea of having different structure constituents throughout my soil. I.e. more sand here, not much over here, these aerator plugs are filled with sand and none over there, it drains better here and not so much over there, etc, etc, etc.
I want to eliminate as many variables as I can.
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